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    Nathan Bennett


      May 31, 2016

    Bug Fixes
    – Resolved the issue where the cursor would not change back once it left the window, as well as the issue where it would disappear.
    – The player’s rank in the “Best” tab will now display properly.

    – “Welcome to the club” achievement reduced to 500 deaths
    – “Prodigal square” achievement reduced to 2,500,000 or 2.5 million

    Scoring system revamped
    The previous scoring system was poorly implemented with achievements. To make higher scores possible and reflect the higher difficulties, some new score multipliers have been implemented.

    For those interested, this is the new formula: (RAW SCORE) + (score*(0.25*difficulty + 0.5)+ BonusScore))

    Where RAW SCORE = Direct time conversion up to 3 digits after the second or 00.00.000. So 00:25:21 would be 25,215 (The 5 is hidden during gameplay).

    Level Difficulty is as follows:
    Hard = 2
    Very Hard = 3
    Futile = 4

    The following score bonuses are also now added upon the start of each level.
    Level 2 = Bonus Score += 4000*(0.25*difficulty)
    Level 3 = Bonus Score += 8000*(0.25*difficulty)
    Level 4 = Bonus Score += 16000*(0.25*difficulty)
    Level 5 = Bonus Score += 32000*(0.25*difficulty)

    NOTE: To stay fair to those who have already placed on the leaderboards, the scores on the leaderboards will still be the raw time conversion, so the leaderboards are not affected by this change. This only affects personal stats.


      March 1, 2016

    Bug Fixes
    – Fixed a bug where the player would randomly die
    – Fixed a bug where the screen would keep shaking on death and into the next round
    – Fixed a bug where retry/exit and leader-boards button would be pressed at the same time and break the UI
    – Fixed leader-boards (Dedicated hosting)

    – Made boundaries more lenient to allow some forgiveness
    – Increased the effectiveness of slow down
    – Improved powerup spawning
    – Stopped the game from submitting 0 scores
    – Minor Cleanup cleanup


      January 15, 2016, 2016

    Steam Release

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