Project Archive

Project Archive

January 1, 2015

Project Archive

This page is dedicated to older projects that no longer warrant their own page, or other non-stand-alone game projects.

Archived Games

Collectively, these games have received over 1,000,000 plays (mostly in part to “Don’t Fall!” having run-away success on the chrome web-store, and “Jet Attack!” riding that wave of popularity). These games are listed in order of release. These games are also all available on my Indiedb Page. Check out my GIF Dump as well to take a look at some of my unfinished projects.

What will you find in Mino’s Pond? Explore an alien world that comes to earth on a meteorite in this classic-inspired real time strategy / idle game. Made for LD38 Jam.

I wrote a post-mortem here.

Platforms: Ludum Dare,, Scirra Arcade.

“Developed during Ludum Dare 37, Sam tells the story of pixel guy named Sam.”

This was my first game jam. I learned a lot from the experience which I wrote about here.

Platforms: Ludum Dare,, Scirra Arcade.

“Outlast your opponent in a rocket survival! For 1-4 players, but 3-4 players is strongly recommended!”

Platforms: Scirra Arcade, Chrome Webstore,, Google Play.

“Travel from planet to planet painting the landscape and world around you!”

Platforms: Scirra Arcade, Chrome Webstore,

“Keep the cars from crashing! Make your way through 7 levels, and test your skills in 3 endless modes in the struggle to keep the streets safe.”

Platforms: Scirra Arcade, Chrome Webstore,

Jet Attack!

“Use yer jets to knock the enemy down! First to 9 wins! Awesome competitive rag-doll physics game with exploding limbs!”

Platforms: Scirra Arcade, Chrome Webstore, Windows 10.

“Push and throw the enemy off the platform. Don’t fall! First to 9 wins. Use your arms to grab the opponent. Whoever’s head hits the spikes first loses.”

Platforms: Scirra Arcade, Windows 10.

“Red Tie Runner is a simplistic, yet challenging, reflex-based, 2D platforming game. Play as a stickman with a red tie to dash and jump your way through obstacles. Features 30 intense levels, including 6 challenge levels, accompanied by spikes, trampolines, ziplines, wingsuits, lava, and more.”

Platforms: Scirra Arcade, Windows 10, Google Play Store.


Resizer –  A small resizing web utility to streamline the exporting of multiple app icon sizes.

Custom Controls Menu – A complete options interface for customizable controls on PC games built in Construct 2. Modularly designed, it can be drag / dropped into any project, and configured to your needs in minutes.

Game Mods / Content

I’ve made a few small mods for games I enjoy, and I have a few on the back-burner as well.

Fallout 4 – Experience Serum VendorBoat to Spectacle IslandCraft refillable bottles.

Payday 2Convert offshore cash to Continental Coins.